Grandemarc ensures implementation of all deliverables and programs until we get in our dream’s point of realization. Together, let us work on ironing the struggles in our path as we strive achieving the goal.

We are the right partner in this business as we declare acceptance in our responsibilities as individuals in committing a level of devotion in building a healthy community out of sharing the Grandemarc opportunity for total well-being.

Grow With Grandemarc!

The Company

Established in 2017, Grandemarc’s mission for every health conscious human being to prolong his life to his golden years is hand-reach in fulfillment as we bring high quality products that ensure optimum health to humanity.

Poverty, as it has been well defined in our country hinders the chance of man in achieving a hale and hearty condition. To be well is everyone’s desire, but to achieve wellness is a struggle. Grandemarc, owned by a pure Filipino heart has the hope for a healthy mankind, as we provide excellent products, economical for a simple citizen to manage and pay for a price of a superior quality.

Grandemarc envisions a household comprising its products and be consumed by every family. Realizing this vision leads to an opportunity that could change everybody’s life enjoying their dreams of a healthy living as Grandemarc provides an innovative way for individuals to get through the challenges of the future.

Vision, Mission & Corporate Values

Our Vision
A preferred global company offering healthy solutions and economic freedom for all
Our Mission
To continuously source and provide world class healthy products while creating a venue for a self managed enterprise.

Our Mission

TO OUR CUSTOMERS: We encourage participation in providing their needs

TO OUR COMMUNITY: To promote CSR and operate Ethical Management

TO OUR EMPLOYEE To create a venue for growth and competency building

TO OUR GOVERNMENT: To adhere to government policies and regulations

TO OUR STOCKHOLDER: Return on investment and influence
Core Values
Integrity and trust
Accountability and discipline
Teamwork and creativity
Spiritual growth and social responsibility



SEC Registration
BIR Registration
FDA LTO as Food Distributor (Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler)
FDA LTO as Food Trader